Keyword Research Matters More than Ever

Keyword research matters. Before investing time in new content, you want to know if your keyword can generate results. That’s even more true in 2022 when competition will be fiercer than ever.

We want to consider both competition and search demand when choosing relevant keywords. In general, we want to find keywords have relatively high search demand and relatively low competition. In the matrix below that means the quadrant in the upper left area is where we want to focus.

We want to avoid the quadrant in the lower right, with keywords that are both highly competitive and low volume. The two quadrants in the yellow boxes are “maybe” keywords. There are situations where they may make sense to consider, but they should be lower priorities.

Once you have a list of relevant keywords to target, you can create a plan for building content around those keywords. This is your content strategy or content road map. And of course, you should plan your content into groups of related pages (those topic clusters again!), with a main topic page and supporting sub-topic pages.

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